What event organizers say about their NetworkTables experience

If event organizers are happy, we are happy. See what they think about their experience with NetworkTables.

Alain Courbon, LeWeb Managing Director

"We used their solution to connect attendees to speakers for a series of first-come,

first-served roundtables and it was a success, adding value to the event”.

Irina Kremin, InnoCos Director

"The online seating system of networktables.com brought networking to a higher level

at Innocos Conference 2014. It’s all about connecting the right people and the guys

from networktables.com have build something great for that!"

Riemer Rijpkema, Director CLC-Vecta

"To let members 'seat' based on discussion topic and table mates with Networktables

ensured good conversations and connections. Resulting in a very high event rating (8.1)".

Frido van Driem, ZEEF (Art of Content Curation)

“Networktables made networking more efficient and fun at our dinner-event.

Within 1.5 week everyone had seated themselves!”.

Zana Nanic, Young European Leadership

"Thank you Networktables for granting the use of this beautiful platform to

YEL (Young European Leadership)!”.


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