Join our team as account-manager

  • On March 3, 2017

ACCOUNT MANAGER – 24/40 hours per week – NL+ENG speaking


We are looking for an account-manager that is available 24-40 hours per week to join our incredible adventure of connecting the right people at events worldwide.


As an account-manager you will be responsible for:
> launching all of our new customers together with account executive
> managing new and existing customers their online events (expert role)
> be our product expert & customer support
> defining new business / marketing opportunities
> qualify inbound/outbound leads
> play a key-role in improving our product to become more self-service
> hiring new account-managers/customer-succes managers

You will be doing:
70% customer onboarding & management
10% sales / lead qualification
20% whatever you like doing most.

The output of your work
You are basically the most important person in the whole company. If you do good, we grow our client-base and revenue. If you do bad, we might lose all our amazing clients that we have been collecting for years. Our destiny is your hands. We rely on your skills, ability to communicate, stay friendly and solve complex problems/situations in minutes.

At NetworkTables we don’t grow customers, we grow friends.

We are looking for someone that has great communication skills, sales skills, is analytical, master’s online tools, good in planning, loves doing a bit of sales.

$$$ Money, Money, Money:
Let us know how much you need, you might get it :)

If you can speak German, have an event-management background & like to have drinks with us.

About us
We love meeting people and we know how hard it is to connect with the right ones. But if you do meet them, they can change your life. We know what it is to meet people that are not relevant: we are a small group of entrepreneurs, our time is scarce so we spend our time on solving this problem for all of you out there.