A Vision for the Future of Events and if it’s Hybrid?

  • On January 31, 2022

If one thing is clear from this issue it is that the event industry needs to adapt – many things have been done the same way for a long time. Cancellations, pandemics, last-minute changes are the new reality and organizations that don’t adapt are facing massive consequences.

While hybrid events were a temporary solution – they treat the symptoms and not the cure. Events need a future proof solution that works for modern audiences. 





The Always-On Event 

Imagine your typical event; it probably includes something a venue hall, a speaker  wearing a suit and a projector displaying a presentations with some graphs. This standard format hasn’t changed in decades and events have been due a shake-up.

Audiences have modernized even if the event industry hasn’t. On-demand streaming, and choice are what viewers are used to now – and event are having to adapt whether they like to or not.

Now the idea of event communities is a new way of looking at events from the ground up. Single events become always-on when attendees can connect through their community before, during and after their event. With an always-on event there is no more worrying about venues and regulations. Anyone can set up small targeted sessions in minutes, then invite their peers to come together – online or in-person with just a few clicks.






Instead of attendees, you have members organizing decentralized roundtables and keynotes. Event organizers become community managers curating events throughout the year all within an industry-specific community. 

With everything available at your fingertips, we see a healthier business model with low barriers to entry. In the future tickets will become subscriptions that are re-upped every year, bringing much-needed stability to the industry.  

A great example we’ve seen is the World Business & Executive Coaching Summit (WBECs) who have hosted events within their 40,000 strong event community for the last 11 years. This loose community format has allowed them barely notice the effect of the pandemic, and to continue hosting events with no problems.   



 “…we’ve seen the writing on the wall for a while now,” says event leader Matthijs Otto, founder of NetworkTables. 

With an always-on approach to events, revenue streams are less unpredictable. Businesses know their events can take place 100% of the time because communities events can be online or offline. Removing that uncertainty is one of the big advantages community platforms have over single events.  

If you want to discover for yourselves NetworkTables Connectis one of the first event communities that can be joined right now for free. This allows you to experience the power of always-on event communities first-hand – check out how it can be applied to your industry. 

We are excited to see where the industry goes next. While online/hybrid events offer tech solutions to today’s problems, event communities are offering more permanent solutions. In the coming years, accessible platforms will offer the chance to connect with peers 365 days a year, solving many of the large-scale challenges events are facing. 

What do you think events will look like in the next few years?